Patient Responsibilities

All patients receiving health care services at MHC have the responsibility to:

• Provide complete and accurate contact information • Be open and honest with your healthcare provider • Provide accurate and complete information about your health status • Ask questions fully • Let your healthcare provider know that you understand the treatment plan • Accept responsibility for your action if you do not follow agreed upon treatment plan • Arrive on time for scheduled appointment • Keep scheduled appointment and when unable to do so, notify the center at least 24 hours before scheduled appointment • Schedule an appointment before running out of medications • Respect others’ privacy and property • Disclose financial information and pay for services responsibly • Advise any changes in insurance plan and billing/payment information


Patient Rights

At MHC, every patient has the right to:

• Affordable, impartial access to treatment without discrimination • Reasonable continuity of care • Culturally and linguistically appropriate services • Interpretation services at no cost to you • Know the professional experience and name of your healthcare provider • Receive information about any proposed treatment plan in order to give informed consent or to refuse a course of treatment • Participate in decisions involving your healthcare • Appropriate assessment and management of pain • Receive information about advance health care directive and formulate an Advance Directive • Personal and informational privacy • Confidentiality of records and disclosures • Access to your medical records • Explanation of your fees • An environment free of disruptive behavior (yelling, profanity, threatening) • Complain without fear of reprisals

  • Reasonable continuity of care

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