Memphis Health Center

Memphis Health Center, Inc. (MHC) maintains an independent, all volunteer Board of Directors responsible for its corporate governance and oversight, ongoing assessment of overall organizational performance, establishment and formulation of strategic goals and mission, monitoring of compliance and quality assurance efforts, as well as acting as resident experts within each member’s specific field of expertise.

Membership is offered on an invitation-only basis with each potential candidate being evaluated on criteria such as level of professional expertise, previous successes in management and corporate governance roles, level of community involvement and presence of key leadership skills. It is our goal that all members of the Board of Directors exhibit only the highest ethical standards, are motivated by the organization’s mission of delivering the highest quality and most affordable comprehensive care available, and possess the willingness to aid continuous improvement efforts within all aspects of operations.

51% of the Board membership is required to be drawn directly from MHC’s patient population, ensuring the needs and concerns of those that utilize our services will always have a say in the Center’s oversight and direction. It is also vitally important that the Board remain as diverse and representative in terms of functional expertise, socioeconomic background, and ethnicity as is the population of the Center’s patient base at all times.

The 2011 MHC Board of Directors features some of the most qualified and mission oriented individuals from a wide array of skill-sets and professions within the local community. Each member is considered a pillar of excellence within their respective fields, resulting in an enormous number of valuable improvements and enhancements to MHC’s model of care over the last year. Most of these initiatives can quickly be traced back to the personal sacrifices and investment that our Board members have been so willing to make to ensure that MHC receives the most effective stewardship possible, for the sake of our patients.