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Voter’s Registration Day

Memphis Health Center Voter’s Registration Day

Memphis Health Center
360 E. H. Crump
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
9am – 11:30am
1:30pm – 3:30pm

Towne Center
915 E. McLemore Ste. 107
Wednesday, September 24, 2014
9am- 11:30am
1:30pm – 3:30pm

Rossville Health Center
4940 Highway 57
Thursday, September 25, 2014
9am- 2pm

For more information, please contact Daria Weathers @ 901-261-2070

Memphis Health Center, Inc. Request for Proposal- OB/GYN Services @ Crump Blvd.

1.1. Overview of Request

1. Memphis Health Center, Inc. (MHC) is a Tennessee tax exempt
501(c)3 Federally Qualified Community Health Center with
three locations serving the Memphis and Mid-South
communities. Founded in 1970, we offer medically underserved
populations the opportunity to receive safe, affordable,
effective, quality, and comprehensive health and dental care.

2. Memphis Health Center, Inc. maintains the highest
expectations for the quality of services offered to our patient
population regardless of their ability to pay and extend these
expectations to any professional staff under contract
agreement, including OB/GYN services.

3. MHC is seeking bids for a 24-month contract for the provision
of OB/GYN services at its Main Site located at 360 E.H. Crump
Blvd. It is imperative that the proposal includes a minimum of
30 hours/week outpatient coverage at the main site; and 24/7
inpatient coverage at two major hospitals located in the city of
Memphis, TN. MHC intends to keep all the billing processes inhouse
therefore timely, complete, and accurate documentation
is expected without exception. It is desirable that outpatient
GYN procedures and ultrasound services are also provided as
possible at MHC main site.

4. Proposals will be evaluated based on cost efficiency,
professionalism, quality of service, previous record of
performance, reliability, value of services provided, relevant
contract terms, quality of care expectations, adherence to
reporting requirements and responsiveness to special requests.
5. Bids will be accepted from initial RFP posting date of 9/2/2014
until official RFP closing scheduled for 5:00pm on 9/12/2014.

1.2. Statement of Purpose
MHC is seeking to obtain a 24-month contract for the provision of OB/GYN
services at its Main Site at 360 E.H. Crump Blvd., Memphis, TN 38126; labor and
delivery services at a minimum of two major hospitals located in Memphis, TN.

1.3. Background Information
MHC maintains 3 locations in the Mid-South providing primary and preventative
health and dental services to members of the local community regardless of
ability to pay. The corporate headquarters and main clinical delivery site are
located on E.H. Crump Blvd. This facility is housed in 2 detached buildings. The
forward building is open to the public for the purposes of receiving care daily,
and the rear building contains many of the organization’s administrative offices.
The two buildings in conjunction with a recent construction addition which
accounts to over 45,000 ft2 in total space, which must be constantly evaluated
and monitored for deviation from accepted and required safety standards. The
Rossville Health Center located on Hwy. 57, is a satellite facility with an overall
staff size of less than 10 and many vacant or unused areas. The 3rd location on E.
McLemore is a leased space accommodating one (1) physician and four (4)
support staff.

MHC’s Crump location provides a comprehensive array of products, services, and
special programs tailored to its patients’ needs, including: Primary and
Preventive Adult Medicine, Primary and Preventive Pediatric Medicine, Adult &
Pediatric Dentistry, 340b Reduced Price/Discount onsite Pharmacy, Optometry,
Ophthalmology, Podiatry, OB/GYN, onsite Radiology/Mammography,
Laboratory, Social Services, Healthcare for the Homeless, Tennessee Breast &
Cervical Cancer Program, Women, Infant, and Children (WIC), the Blues Project,
A Step Ahead Foundation Program, and Ryan White HIV/AIDS programs.

1.4. Scope of Work
Selected medical group shall provide OB/GYN services, as would fall within the
scope of practice for the OB/GYN specialty, under general direction of MHC Chief
Medical Officer (CMO). MHC will provide the clinical staff support and supplies
necessary to manage patient care. Selected provider group will perform the
following General Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities:

· Participation with MHC’s CMO in peer review of OB/GYN provider
patient management periodically, as often as quarterly, where “provider”
includes MHC nurse practitioners and other OB/GYN providers
participating in the care of MHC patients, to ensure up to date best
practices in OB/GYN services;

· Participation in the quality improvement process as it relates to OB/GYN
services, with attention to MHC’s OB/GYN quality health outcome
measures, including increasing the percentage of women ages 18 to 64
who are up to date on cervical cancer screening (pap smears), increasing
the percentage of women presenting for prenatal care within the first
trimester, and decreasing the percentage of low birth weight deliveries;

· Participation in continuing medical education of MHC staff, potentially
including quarterly 30 to 60 minute educational presentations to MHC
staff regarding best practices in OB/GYN patient care;

· Examining patients for OB/GYN status and conditions;

· Providing for the safety and welfare of patients during the delivery of
OB/GYN services;

· Providing diagnosis and treatment for patients in accordance with MHC
protocols and standards and conferring with the CMO;

· Counseling patients, families, and other health care providers in regard to
assessment findings and providing appropriate health information and

· Providing referrals for patients requiring OB/GYN treatment or services
not offered by MHC;

· Maintaining updated and accurate patient records within MHC EHR
including information regarding patient medical history, treatment plan
and treatment provided; and billing documentation;

· Maintaining high standards of service excellence, patient care and quality
control in a productive and courteous manner;

· Providing same standard of care in outpatient clinical setting regardless of
funding source;

· Providing assistance and consultation to MHC staff during clinical service

· Providing consultation services related to MHC clinical operations as it
relates to OB/GYN services and community outreach activities;
· Providing assistance on the formulation of policies and procedures and
other written documents used both for internal and external

· Abiding by MHC requirements for licensing, credentialing, and quality
improvement process including outside audits;

· Committing to pre-designated and approved clinical coverage by 15th day
of preceding month;

· Arriving at the beginning of the each scheduled clinic session and
departing at the end of each clinic session;

· Becoming a Medicaid and commercial insurance provider through MHC;

· Invoicing MHC for work performed.

1.5. Outcome and Performance Standards
MHC CMO along with other clinical and executive staff members will evaluate
the performance of the OB/GYN group selected with the contractual obligations
assigned to it within the final agreement, as well as responsiveness to patient care
issues, quality standards, documentation completeness and accuracy, timeliness
of reporting and provider productivity levels.
Cost efficiency will be evaluated based on the receipt of competitive bids for the
same or similar services, as necessary.

1.6. Term of Contract
Contract terms should reflect a consistent term of 24-months among all
proposals with limited downtime during service delivery times. An early
termination clause should include the right of cancellation with written notice
given within a sufficient timeframe to avoid any undue hardship based on either
party’s failure to abide by the covenants, requirements, and obligations as set
forth within the service contract.

1.7. Payments, Incentives, and Penalties
Final accepted bid will comply with MHC’s accounting standards and policies
regarding payment disbursements occurring within 45 days of invoice receipt.
Additionally, all submitted invoices will be for services approved prior to
performance by a Sr. Management Team member in writing and must match the
amounts as outlined within the original bid document or any amended and
executed agreement change requests. Any changes to pricing or services provided
must be in writing, be specific, as well as signed and dated by both parties’
officially authorized representatives in advance of the commencement of service.
MHC reserves the right to refuse payment for any unauthorized service
performance that does not conform to this procedure.

1.8. Evaluation and Award Process
Contract will be awarded by September 18th, 2014. Service start date will be
determined based on existing contractual obligations and mutual agreement by
both parties prior to execution of a new contract.

1.9. Points of contact for future correspondence

For more information on this RFP, or to submit a proposal for service please
Dorothette Y White
Interim Chief Financial Officer
Office (901) 261-2025
Fax (901) 946-9262
Barry-Lewis Harris II MD
Chief Medical Officer
Office -(901) 261-2031
Email –